Hi. My name is Tony Moran and I am just a normal, everyday family man. I have a beautiful wife, who I don't deserve, and two beautiful kids, one of each.


I am currently an IT Manager coding in all the different flavours of RPG on an AS/400 (that is it's name and always will be no matter what IBM say). I have been doing this since 1989 although the job title has had a few changes. From Trainee programmer to Systems Development Manager to Development Manager to Analyst Programmer to Support Team Leader and back to Analyst Programmer again.Finally made it to Group IT Manager in 2018.


I have coded in VB6 and IWBasic for my own pleasure and have recently taught myself C++ and changed to doing all my hobby coding in this instead. Have a look at the downloads page to see what I have done.

Also develop Android apps for work and for fun.


My Family are my greatest source of joy and without them I think I would have gone under long ago. My daughter came along at just the right time for us and our son was a natural progression to a full family.


I have many thoughts and opinions on the world and according to my wife I am a real moaning git. Some of my thoughts I will put on here, others I will keep to myself. Good luck to anyone who has to read this rubbish.