My Moans and Opinions

 Things that wind me up

  1. Other drivers.
    1. There is a plague of bad driving in Britain today. People who think they own the road or just don't care about other people on the road. They don't thank you for letting them through, even if it isn't their right of way. They never let anyone else through. They are incapable of reading road signs or markings and then start gesticulating because they think you have cut them up. Contrary to popular belief it is not always younger people who do this either. It is people of all ages.
    2. Drivers who drive as close as possible and then overtake on a bend.
    3. If your phone call is that important stop the car to make/answer it. Don't drive with the phone glued to your ear swerving all over the road because the idiot at the other end just told you a joke. The Joke is the one with the phone stuck to their head while driving.
    4. Drivers who ignore traffic signals/signs because they are obviously much too important to take notice.
    5. Speeding motorists. OK so most people go over the speed limit but I live on a nice long road where you can get up to 80 mph if you really try. The speed limit on this road is 30mph. It is also home to the largest school in the area and a main route for children to get there.
    6. FOG lights. See that, FOG lights. Not bloody rain lights, night lights, oops I left them on lights or what is that light on my dash lights. Unless it is so foggy you can't see the car in front TURN THEM OFF MUPPET.
    7. Indicators. Either not used or left on for half an hour. Which is worse. Are you sat there wondering what that strange ticking noise in your car is. You've left them on. Wondering why you are getting strange hand signals or horns blasted at you. You forgot to use them.
    8. People who blame SatNav when they are sat in the middle of a field. If you are stupid enough to blindly follow a machine no matter where it tells you to go then you should not be in charge of a lethal weapon on the roads and probably should not even be allowed to get out of bed in the morning. Have you not seen the Matrix. See what blindly following machines will get you.
    9. Here's a tip for some of you. If I wanted to listen to the same rubbish you are listening I would go out and buy it myself. I don't need to hear it from your car stereo, especially at 2:00 in the morning when I am trying to sleep. It all sounds exactly the same with the bass turned up and the volume at full blast anyway. There is music that sounds good loud (generally by Iron Maiden), but there is no music in the world that sounds good with the stereo at full volume.
    10. Parking. I can guarantee that even if I was the only car in the car park someone would park in front of me. If I park in a space where the one in front is clear someone will park there. Even if there are plenty of spaces elsewhere that would give them the same benefit of been able to drive straight out, they will park in front. I like to drive straight into a space because I like to be able to get to the boot to put shopping in. If I reversed in someone would park so close I couldn't get to the boot.
    11. Motorcyclists who ride on the white line.
    12. Motorcyclists who ride on the wrong side of the road to get past traffic. If there isn't room on your side of the road wait like everyone else.
    13. People driving on the motorway do 50 in the middle lane when there is no one in lane 1. They get into the middle lane and stay there no matter what. It is illegal for me to go down the inside of you and there is 3 miles of traffic trying to get past you. Don't worry about that though as long as you feel safe everyone else can wait.
    14. Lorries. Not in general but on the motorway. Near where I live there is a 4 lane stretch going uphill. It seems that as soon as the lorries get to the start of this stretch they have to spread out and take up all 3 lanes they are allowed in. Wouldn't be so bad if they were overtaking each other but no, they are limited to 56mph so they just sit next to each other holding up the traffic.
  2. Supermarkets
    1. Why do old people who don't work all week insist on going to the supermarket on Saturdays when all those of us who do work want to do the weekly shop?
    2. People who can only speak to their friends in the supermarket if they are blocking the entire aisle.
    3. Mobile phone users wandering about with the phone glued to their ear completely oblivious to the rest of the world around them.
    4. Supermarket staff who think it is a good idea to block aisles with trolleys full of empty boxes. I know they have to refill the shelves but it would be a good idea to let the customer get to the shelves in the first place.
    5. Self service checkouts with the volume on full. I don't want everyone to know when I am inserting my card into the chip and pin. If I wanted everyone to watch me enter my pin number I would just tell them it.
  3. TV Companies. In particular ITV. How do they expect to get viewers watching TV series when they take it off after a couple of weeks citing low ratings as an excuse. OF COURSE THE RATINGS ARE LOW YOU IDIOTS!! Why would the viewing public start to watch a new series when they don't even know if they will get to see the end of it. Currently Ultimate Force is off the air. Not the most high brow program but I like it. The current series was 5 x 1.5 hour episodes. ITV showed 2 and then it was taken off with no sign of it been re-scheduled. Worse than this they are now advertising the DVD and making a big thing of it having 3 episodes never seen on TV. THATS BECAUSE YOU TOOK IT OFF IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!
  4. Dog owners who don't clean up after their pets. Also owners who completely ignore the signs on playing fields stating that exercising dogs in this area is strictly prohibited. Do you think it only applies to other people?
  5. Football. Not a popular choice I know but I can't stand it. I find the game boring. I also think it causes far more trouble than it is worth. It might be a minority that cause trouble over football but is any trouble over what is just a game worth it. I also think the salaries of the players is absolutley ridiculous. They are treated (and paid) like gods for kicking a ball about for 90 minutes a week.
  6. People of any race, colour or sex who think the rest of the world is against them because of their race, colour or sex. Mostly it isn't. 
  7. Lack of respect for other people. Not just younger people and their elders. People of all ages. There does not seem to be any respect for fellow man these days. There are exceptions to this but it seems to be becoming the rule. There are young people who do respect others as there are older people who respect others but it is becoming less and less prevalent. I personally can't see why people don't just get along. We all have to live here. We can't escape from this planet (yet). Just because I don't believe the same as you or think the same as you is not a good enough reason to want to kill or harm me. I don't want to harm anyone else because they don't agree with me. The only reason I can see for harming someone is in defence of my family.